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Why Paulo Henrique Lemos of Hook Digital Attends HubSpot User Group Meet-Ups

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 24, 2015 5:34:50 PM / by Carrie Gallagher

paul-lemosPaulo Henrique Lemos of Hook Digital helps organizations make sense of digital media and how it relates to their goals and challenges.

Coming from a background in marketing, communications and project management, Paulo is disciplined listener and reader, and above all a student of what media and ultimately human communications are all about: honesty, clarity of vision and consistency––making each and every interaction meaningful.

Paulo is fluent in English and Portuguese and conversational in Spanish and French. Because data plays an essential role in modern business communications, he strives to combine intuitive and analytical skills to identify patterns, risks and opportunities for his clients. He firmly believes that time, influence and the ability to work in collaboration are invaluable resources, and that even the smallest actions can have a substantial impact.

How long have you been going to HUGs?

About six months, three events so far in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Why do you attend HUGs?

To meet marketing professionals and learn new concepts and practices.

What's your favorite HUG format?

Networking and how to implement new practices that optimize results.

What's the best thing you ever learned at a HUG?

That we're not the only partner whose customers have problems integrating marketing and sales processes, tools and metrics – far from it.

What's your advice to others (HubSpot users or not) considering attending a HUG meetup?

Take the time to listen to other people, their problems and expectations.


Thank you to Paulo Henrique Lemos for taking the time to tell us why he loves attending HubSpot User Groups! Connect with Paulo on Twitter and LinkedIn, and be sure to check out the Inbound services at Hook Digital.

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Carrie Gallagher

Written by Carrie Gallagher

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