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Start the Year Off Right With HubSpot Campaigns

[fa icon="calendar"] Jan 24, 2015 9:59:00 AM / by Carrie Gallagher

The Campaigns app is one of the most powerful tools in HubSpot, helping marketers organize and better execute every campaign they run. In case you missed it, Mark Kilens ran an excellent 2-part webinar series on campaigns this month, along with several how-to projects to help you reach your 2015 goals.

The full project page can be found here.

To access the webinar series and slide decks, click here.

The HubSpot Campaigns User Guide can be found here.

Need more inspiration? Check out this blog post for 5 key marketing campaigns you can run with the HubSpot campaigns app.


Content Offer Campaign

This project includes steps to effectively launch a content offer campaign. Steps include building out a conversion process and promoting the content offer to help generate qualified visitors and leads.

Email Newsletter Initiative

This project will teach you how to write an effective newsletter that people will look forward to reading. If done right, newsletters ensure a guaranteed audience that can help accomplish business goals by leveraging existing content.

Lead Scoring Initiative

This project will help you set up lead scoring rules to determine which leads to engage with in order of priority. Lead Scoring is a critical component of an effective lead management strategy. 

Lifecycle Stage Initiative

Lifecycle stage is a default HubSpot property that designates where contacts are in your marketing and sale cycle. This project will walk you through the necessary steps of setting up lifecycle stages in HubSpot. 

Trade Show Campaign

Do you have a trade show or special event coming up? This project walks through how to have a successful trade show by using inbound marketing. It provides steps for building out an editorial calendar, monitoring social media for the event, and generating leads during the event.

Webinar Campaign

Thinking about hosting a webinar? This project has all of the necessary steps to plan, build and successfully execute a webinar campaign.


Now that you're an expert in HubSpot campaigns, why not come to our next Brooklyn HUG Meetup and show us what you've learned? :-)



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