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Revenue River's Nathan Miller on Why He Attends HubSpot Meet-Ups

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 15, 2015 8:29:00 AM / by Carrie Gallagher

nathan-millerNathan Miller manages sales, marketing, and e-commerce campaigns for Colorado-based Revenue River Marketing, and recently moved to New York to establish the company's East Coast presence.

How long have you been going to HUGs?

I've been attending HUGs for a couple of years in Denver, excited to see what they're like in New York!

Why do you attend HUGs?

While there are always new inbound ideas and methods to learn, I love attending HUGs to meet people who are using Hubspot for all sorts of companies, products, and industries, and hearing about the successes and challenges they have when implementing inbound marketing.

What's your favorite HUG format?

My favorite HUG event had a Hubspot expert break down the best practices he'd seen for one element of inbound marketing, and people submitted their own pages beforehand and the group went through and made suggestions on how to improve them.

What's the best thing you ever learned at a HUG?

I've been amazed to learn about all the different companies that find success with inbound marketing even though they are in very niche industries, and the creative strategies and goals they create to help grow their marketing and their company.

What's your advice to others (HubSpot users or not) considering attending a HUG meetup?

If your company has a website, which it does, going to a HUG event can only help you learn about the newest and greatest digital marketing ideas and tools. You don't have to be a Hubspot user to learn valuable insights from the inbound marketing methodology that you can apply to your own business and marketing efforts. And of course, if you're considering getting Hubspot or have it already, the stuff you can learn from Hubspot experts and other fellow users at a HUG event is invaluable.

Connect with Nathan on LinkedIn and Twitter, and be sure to check out the Inbound services at Revenue River Marketing!


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