About Your Brooklyn HUG Leaders

Carrie Gallagher

Carrie Gallagher is the owner of Lovable Marketing, a silver-tier HubSpot Partner Agency, and was most recently the Director of Integrated Marketing at Credibly, an online lending platform for small businesses.

A diehard B2B Inbound Marketer since discovering HubSpot in 2012, Carrie led Credibly's cross-channel content and contributor program, customer engagement campaigns, social media, training webinars, public relations, events and much more, all with the goal of lowering acquisition costs and increasing brand loyalty. Prior to Credibly, Carrie served as Head of Marketing in the trading technology and semiconductor sectors for 16 years.

When she's not writing about herself in the third person, Carrie is probably chauffeuring her son to activities. Learn more at

Becky Krill

Becky Krill advises businesses, organizations and subject matter experts on how to create, market and sell meaningful online learning experiences.

A proponent of experiential and alternative education, Becky has spent over 5 years working with a wide range of learning organizations, such as SchoolKeep, Enterprise City and One on One Learning, incorporating new technology and developing creative instructional strategies to close the skills gap and grow innovative businesses.

In addition to staying on the cutting edge of instructional technology and online learning trends, Becky is an avid inbound marketer and HubSpot evangelist, managing an active social media community of over 6,000 educators and education thought leaders.